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A transparent, free, charitable platform matching people in need with supporter’s physical or monetary help.

We are a tangible way to provide an answer to “how can I help?”

We make it easy for those who can, to improve the everyday lives of those needing assistance.

Specific ways to assist with someone’s real needs

People’s day-to-day requirements in times of need are as varied as the individual.

And, the ability of a supporter to help depends on their situation and location.

We’ve designed Swathe.me to match needs with assistance – a no-hassle way to make the everyday life of someone with an unexpected challenge just that little bit easier.

Here’s how you can help.

Give hands-on help from a tasklist prepared by supporters, or by a friend in need

Knowing the type of help available, or the type of help that’s most useful takes the guilt and guesswork out of making a positive difference.

Sign up here to help someone you know using our free direct support platform which is simple to use.

Swathe.me card

Gift money to a prepaid Swathe.me charity card

Enable those in need to purchase practical products or services from approved partners.

Knowing you’re easing the burdens of those going through tough times is a gift in itself.

Go to our Swathe.me Card page

Gift a share of Community Power’s retail electricity supply profits direct to a someone’s Swathe.me prepaid card

Community Power is a Social Enterprise which allows you to gift a share of their profits from your electricity use – shown monthly on your power bill.

Use the power of power to provide help to others, while you pay the same tariff or less for your electricity.

Go to our Community Power’s webpage, to give financial support to someone you know without spending a cent!

Every cent goes to people in need

Swathe.me day-to-day operation expenses are met through our supplier partners.

That means 100% of all money donated to someone in need goes to their welfare – not to propping up Swathe.me itself.

You can help a friend or family member directly, or support someone in the community and make a positive difference during difficult times.

With Swathe.me you have total transparency and confidence around every dollar you give – all your money goes to someone who needs it, someone who truly appreciates the practical support your giving provides.

Donations are eligible for a tax credit

Gifts directly made through our website to an individual’s Swathe.me prepaid card, are eligible for a charitable donation rebate.

Equally, money gifted to the Swathe.me Charitable Trust, to be given to those with unmet needs, are also eligible.

In either case, donations of $5 or more are receipted by Perpetual Guardian Trust, and qualify for a 33% tax credit.

Go to our Charitable Trust page and gift money to an individual, cause or someone in need.

How your help is helping

“Swathe.me is great! I have so many people asking “how can we support you?” and I have no idea! Being able to give them a list and they just choose what they can do is so much easier, and I can just add ideas that I have as they come up.”

– Bronywn, Tauranga

“A single mum who had been off work the past year was super excited to be gifted a place on our Live 2.0 course and described it as a blessing. I went back to the donor as I thought they’d appreciate knowing where their money had gone. They were so happy to be able to help someone that they went ahead and sponsored another person!
I wouldn’t have been able to make these connections without Swathe.me.”

– Jan Haworth, Live 2.0

“I had so many people sincerely offering to help but I felt guilty accepting it. I kept thinking I could do it myself, until I realised just how weak I was with treatment. I resolved this by making my ‘to do’ list on Swathe.me and anyone that offered to help would choose a task from my list. For some reason that made it easy to accept help. I realised friends and family want to help with tasks as they don’t know what else to do. It makes them feel good and supportive.”

– Terry, Auckland

“I wish I had known how generous people are. I struggled to ask for help at first but when I discovered that people really wanted to help, they just didn’t know what to do. I became really clear about what I needed – a load of washing, the kids picked up from school – and made a list on Swathe.me to share with anyone who asked how they could help – and people were always really happy to help out.”

– Sarah, Wellington

“I wanted to support my friend without being intrusive and I didn’t want to accidentally offend or over step the mark. So I thought I’d use Swathe.me to let her know I was there for her if she needed me. I was so relieved when I received a thank you text.  She now texts me whenever she needs something doing that’s on my list which is great.”
– Margaret, Wellington

“It is hard for people to know how to help and something like this gives them something concrete they can do.”
– Robin, Auckland

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