Have you ever said the words “if there is anything I can do to help let me know?” When a friend or loved one is going through a difficult time, it’s natural to want to help, although often times it’s hard to know what practical support to give.

Everything we do at Swathe.me makes every day better during difficult times.  And we make it really easy for you to give practical support to someone you know in their time of need, even when you can’t be there in person.

Our Direct Support Platform is free and simple to use, and you’ll feel good knowing you can really help in a meaningful way that works for both you and your loved one.

Hundreds of Kiwis rely on Swathe.me
to support someone they know.

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Every cent to someone you know

Swathe.me gives you the ability to help when you can’t be there yourself.

100% of what you give provides everyday practical support to someone in need with a Swathe.me card.

You can help a friend directly, or support someone in the community and make a positive difference during a difficult time.

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Practical support with a Swathe.me card

Give direct and get tax credits

Gift privately to an individual’s Swathe.me card, direct through our website, or via the platform to someone you are supporting, and be eligible for a charitable donation rebate.

Your gift can be used to purchase practical services from a wide range of approved suppliers, ensuring they receive the help they need when you can’t be there in person.

Practical ongoing illness support, available when it’s needed most.

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Private Giving

Private donation to a swathe.me card to enable practical support.

Sign in to Swathe.me to give privately to the Swathe.me member you are supporting. Enter the amount you want to give, and upon payment receive a tax deductible receipt.

Easily Redeemed

Swathe.me card balance updated to enable practical support from Swathe.me preferred suppliers.

The Swathe.me member is notified of the credit to their card. They can then order what they need direct from our nationwide suppliers using their swathe.me card as payment.

Give privately to someone now

Family members arriving to offer practical support to someone they love.

Help a friend in person

Let your offer “if there is anything I can do…” be genuine by showing them exactly what you can do to lend a helping hand.

Make a list of tasks you can personally do to make their day-to-day a bit easier, whether it’s the laundry, a shopping trip, or a ride somewhere.

Feel good knowing you are there for them in a meaningful way that actually helps.

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Simple Task List

List of practical support tasks that friends and family can help with.

Choose which tasks you can help out with and add them to your task list. Share your list with the person you wish to help.

Timely Practical Support

List of practical support offered by friends and family.

They receive your list of things you can help with, and when the time is right, they’ll know who to turn to when they need that helping hand.

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Man gives practical support by walking the dog.

Get the specific help you need

If you have friends and family asking you “what can I do to help?”, then simply send them a list of things that would be helpful.

It could be walking the dog, doing the laundry, or mowing the lawn, the little things that soon become challenges when the unexpected happens.

Choose when and how you would like support so you stay in control during a challenging time.


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Quick Setup

Swathe.me list activities to organise timely practical support.

Choose from a list of activities and tasks and add them to your list. Select the days and time that suit you best, and remove when no longer required.

Simple Sharing

Sharing list with supporters to get practical support needed.

Your friends and family receive your task list and can let you know which tasks they can help you with.

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Pay It Forward with Community Power & Swathe.meGive to someone's Swathe.me card with Community Power

Now you can GIVE without costing a cent!

It’s now even easier for you to give direct practical support to someone you know when you can’t be there in person. And it won’t cost you a cent!

When you buy your electricity from Community Power, you can nominate someone specific to receive direct to their Swathe.me card, a share of Community Power’s profits from the electricity you use.

Switch to Community Power today and make someone’s every day better with Swathe.me!

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