Swathe.me Prepaid Card

Who is eligible for a Swathe.me card?

New Zealand residents only over 18 years of age.

Can I give someone a Swathe.me card?

No, a Swathe.me card is not a 'gift card'. However, you are able to credit someone's Swathe.me card with cash by contacting us at , and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

How can someone transfer money to my Swathe.me card?

They can gift to your Swathe.me card by contacting us on to arrange a cash topup to your card.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for any donation I make to an individual?

Yes for any donation over NZ$5.00.  A receipt will be issued by The Perpetual Guardian Foundation (of which the Swathe.me Charitable Trust is a subfund) and 100% of your donation is transferred to the individual's Swathe.me card.

Where can I use my Swathe.me card?

The Swathe.me cards can only be used with our Swathe.me preferred partners in New Zealand either online, over the telephone, or in person where there is an an Eftpos machine.  The payment method depends on the individual supplier and is noted on the website.

How can I check the balance of my Swathe.me card?

You can check your card balance and transaction history from our website.  All you need is your card number and pin.

Does a Swathe.me card have an expiry date?

Yes, they will expire 5 years from the month issued. Any unused balance as at the expiry date will be transferred to a new replacement Swathe.me card.

Will I need to provide my personal details to register for a Swathe.me card?

Yes.  Swathe.me is governed by the laws and regulations of New Zealand.  

Under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 Swathe.me has to confirm your identity if your Swathe.me card balance ever exceeds $5,000 or if it is topped up by more than $10,000 in any one year.

We welcome this as it keeps direct giving from supporters, charities and fundraisers safe from abuse and ensures that the Swathe.me cardholder is able to use the card and their funds without concern.

We value your privacy and your details will not be shared for any other purpose than for card management.

What if I lose my Swathe.me card?

If you lose your Swathe.me card or it is stolen, please contact us and we will cancel your card.  Any funds on the card can be transferred to a new card registered to your name.

Who do I contact if I have a problem paying with my card?

First, check that you have adequate funds on your card here.
If you have sufficient funds on your card to cover the transaction, then contact support on 09 366 1890.