Free Dental Care For Hundreds of Family Carers

If you are one of the 420,000+ carers in New Zealand who look after a loved one who is elderly, unwell, or needs your support due to a chronic condition, or disability, then you know just how hard it is to put your needs first, especially when it comes to dental care.

Being a carer is emotionally and physically exhausting. With the extra demands on time and energy, self-care is often neglected leaving carers twice as likely to suffer from ill-health as non-carers.

Like most New Zealanders, visiting the dentist is probably low on your list of priorities. And with the added pressures on your time and finances, it may be considered a luxury you can ill afford. However, oral health is known to have a direct impact on your general health and overall well-being.

The Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives 78 report states that the impact of tooth decay and periodontal disease on “people’s every day lives is subtle and pervasive, influencing eating, sleep, rest…”

Early detection and prevention through regular checkups are key to avoiding “substantial pain and suffering”.

Now, thanks to Lumino and Carers NZ, family carers across New Zealand can have their basic dental work done for free.

Lumino Day takes place on Saturday 5 May at participating dental practices to thank family carers for their selfless work.

Be one of the hundreds of carers to benefit from a free dental visit and some oral TLC. Email to register* your interest for a free place on Lumino Day, or phone 0800 777 797.

*To participate, you must be a family carer for a loved one who is elderly, unwell, or needs your support due to a chronic condition, mental health, or disability.




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