Giftcards Giftcard Voucher

Support a friend with a thoughtful
giftcard and brighten up their day.

Send a thoughtful giftcard to a loved one for those times when you aren’t sure what to do,
or what to say, and live to far away to help.

You can gift long-distance care and practical support to someone you care about
with a giftcard for everyday things such as meals, homehelp, childcare,
and transport… the little things that become big things during unexpected challenges.

You can be confident they will receive the support they need, when they need it;
and feel good knowing you can make a difference no matter where you live.


Choose from the following gift ideas from our nationwide suppliers, to give to that someone special.


Enter their details and we’ll notify them of your gift, and they will receive a giftcard in the post to the value of your gift.

(If they are already a member, enter their ID? at checkout to immediately credit their card to the value of your gift.


The recipient of the giftcard can redeem your gift direct with the supplier anytime they wish.

( cards expire after 5 years, and credit balances transferred to a new card).


“It made my day to receive a giftcard in the post. To think that someone cared enough to think about what I might need.
I used the card to have someone come around and tidy up my garden as I didn’t have the energy.”

Pauline, Whangaparoa

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