How to Help Ourselves by Helping Other People

As human beings, we thrive when our basic physiological needs for survival are met and we experience a strong connection with others and feel valued by society.

We can feel that connectedness and sense of belonging when we give of ourselves and our time in helping other people.  At the same time, it promotes our own wellbeing, raises our self-esteem and gives us a sense of purpose.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The happiest people are those who help others, whether it’s sharing their skills, their resources, or their time.

Maslow's Heirachy of Needs
Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Giving Back

Kiwis are by nature a generous bunch and we regularly band together as a community to give selflessly to others in need. Last year alone, Kiwis gave more than $17m through the popular crowdfunding platform, Givealittle, to help causes and people throughout the country.

Creating a Givealittle page is an effective way to raise awareness of the plight of others and for people to give and share to help them through a difficult time.

Whether it’s an accident, sudden bereavement, or an unexpected health diagnosis, these events are often accompanied by a loss of income, compounding an already stressful situation especially where unexpected costs arise due to unfunded medication, special equipment, and repatriation flights.

Every little bit counts and helps to relieve some of the stress families are experiencing so they can focus on what’s important.


Where Givealittle can help with the giving; can help with the doing. When life is unexpectedly turned upside down, those everyday things like walking the dog, suddenly become big things. This is where friends and family can really help keep it all together.

Man walking dog in park

Sometimes it’s taking care of the everyday things that can make all the difference to your loved ones. A platform like makes it easy to make a list of things you can help with and share it with the person you wish to support.

Whether it’s doing the laundry, taking the kids to school, or providing a meal, you’ll also feel good knowing you can help in a way that is actually wanted. Or if you can’t be there in person due to time, commitments or distance you can still make sure they receive the practical day support by giving to their card which enables everyday support from professionals.

Givealittle page owners can also make a list on to make it really easy for friends, family members or work colleagues to know exactly how to help and can choose the tasks that work best for everyone.

What You Give, You Receive

You never know when you may need to lean on others to get you through a difficult time and your social support systems and that sense of belonging can make a big difference during times of illness for yourself and your family.

When you are able to give and receive support and encouragement from your fellow human beings, you feel connected, valued and loved, which can mean the difference between giving up or keeping going.

“When you see your connection to others, you know that all people struggle and have difficult times. You are not alone. There is comfort in that knowledge.”
– Karyn Hall Ph.D.

By making time to give to others through Givealittle and, you strengthen and broaden your own social network through your acts of kindness. This has the ripple effect of cultivating a spirit of generosity in the community, which in turn gives us that sense of belonging and connectedness that we all need to be happy, healthy and to thrive.




Do you know someone going through a difficult time?

Chances are they could really do with some practical day-to-day help but will struggle to ask for it. makes it so easy to give practical support to someone you know, in a way that works for both you and them.

It’s really simple – you just make a list and share it. And it’s FREE!

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