Swathe.me Card

Swathe.me Prepaid Card

Swathe.me Card

A Swathe.me card enables you to easily support someone you care about with
practical and monetary assistance when they really need help but don’t like to ask.

When you gift money to someone’s Swathe.me card, you enable them to purchase
professional services from approved suppliers for every day needs such as transport,
meals, home help or childcare, especially for those times when you can’t be there in person.

A Swathe.me card enables you to give and receive cash with grace
and works like a debit card which you keep and reuse. All cash top-ups over $5.00 receive a tax deductible.

To top-up someone’s Swathe.me card, go to Charitable Trust and scroll down to
“The cause closest to your heart’. From the dropdown menu choose ‘Swathe.me cardholder’
and enter their card number and name and complete the gifting process.

You can either register for a Swathe.me card for yourself, request a Swathe.me card on behalf of
a client or patient, or send someone a prepaid Swathe.me card as a gift



Swathe.me Giftcard Voucher

Support a friend with a thoughtful giftcard
and brighten up their day!

Send a Swathe.me prepaid card to a loved one for those times when you aren’t sure
what to do, or what to say, and live too far away to help.

You can gift long-distance care and practical support to someone you care about
with a Swathe.me card for everyday things such as meals, home help, childcare,
and transport… the little things that become big things during unexpected challenges.

You can be confident they will receive the support they need when they need it;
and feel good knowing you can make a difference no matter where you live.


Choose from the following gift ideas from our nationwide suppliers, to give to that someone special. Or simply choose a prepaid giftcard for the recipient to choose where they use it.


Enter the card recipient’s details to register their card, and choose whether we post it directly to them on your behalf; or post it to you to gift to them in person.

(If this person already has a Swathe.me card, visit our Charitable Trust page and choose “The cause closest to your heart’ as ‘Swathe.me cardholder’ from the dropdown menu, enter their name and card number; and complete the donation process. You will receive a tax receipt and the Swathe.me cardholder will receive notification of a credit from you).


The recipient can use their Swathe.me card to redeem their gift direct with our suppliers anytime they wish.

(Swathe.me cards expire after 5 years, and credit balances transferred to a new card).


“It made my day to receive a Swathe.me giftcard in the post. To think that someone cared enough to think about what I might need.
I used the card to have someone come around and tidy up my garden as I didn’t have the energy.”

Pauline, Whangaparoa

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