154 reasons why I’m grateful I live in NZ

Everything we do at Swathe.me makes every day better during difficult times.

And just like any new venture, as a co-founder of Swathe.me, there have been plenty of challenging times experienced, but just as many good days too for which I am grateful.

As I look back over the past 18 months, I count myself extremely lucky and grateful to be living in New Zealand. I have been surrounded by so many generous Kiwis who give of their time, their resources, their networks, and their advice to ensure that we succeed in helping others to get the support they need. Positive collaboration is very much alive and well in the land of the long white cloud.

A recently returned expat from the States said to me about the way they do business over there, “In the US, it’s kill or be killed.” Probably a bit dramatic, and not entirely sure how accurate it is, but I was quite shocked and very thankful that this is not the case downunder.

Cheerleaders are often the only thing standing between you and throwing in the towel – Tom Corley

Every single person we’ve encountered has wanted to help with Swathe.me in some way and have been our constant cheerleaders. It’s been so heartening.  I was somewhat curious as to why that may be, not that I was complaining until a supply partner enlightened us… “it’s because you’re a ‘hero brand’.” Not a term I had heard before (always learning in this game), but I’ll take that, as it sure sounds pretty cool!

But the real heroes in my book are the people behind the Swathe.me brand and they are too numerous to number, but I’m going to anyway. They deserve recognition for their kindness and generosity of spirit, and we feel nothing but sincere gratitude here at Swathe.me.

My thanks goes out to you all, our cast of thousands (in no particular order) who have helped in some way, big or small. If ever I can return the favour, my inbox is always open…


Ranjna Patel, Debbie Haworth, Lynley Kirk-Smith, David Plank, Leearna Plank,

Trevor Dickinson, Laurel Lee Berkett, David Rhodes, Charlotte Lockhart,

Sue Brewster, Hugh McKellar, Paul Dunn, Andrew Barnes, Andrew Abernathy,

Ben Northrop, Debra Chantry, Janene Crossan, John Woodward, Laurie Hilsgen,

Diane Foreman, Mark Collins, Marilyn Brady, Nathalie Wilkinson, Paul Towers,

Cliff Cook, Mark Jeffries, Cara Michael, Sinda Hall, Ruth Davy, Clare O’Higgins,

Lou James, Gilli Sinclair, Patricia Melville, Claire Gard, Michelle Gundersen-Reid,

Liz Henry, Theresa Gattung, Graham Clarke, Andy Hamilton, Greg Sitters,

Steve Lloyd, Andy Higgs, Shifali Chaudhary, Suzanne Hall, Kirsty Reynolds,

Maggie Eyre, Andrew O’Hagan, Chris de Boer, Chris Twiss, Cecilia Robinson,

Graham Southwell, John Norrie, Gurdeep Talwar, Vanessa McNab, Tara Lorigan,

Marshall Couper, Emma Geard,  Debra Hall, Charlotte Neville, Russell Just,

Carla Cross, Tom Beyer, Joanne Cole, Kirsten Taylor, Jess Weller,

Rudi Bublitz, Ray Lu, Andrew McPherson, Philip Muldoon, Raymond Davy,

Jerome Faury, Mark Evans, David Downs, James Dickinson, Emma Wooster,

Kyle McCarthy, Jemma Crook, Kate Alexander, Dwayne Alexander,

Jade Alexander, Marcos Azaro, Tanya McQueen, Mark Hayes, Anna Guenther,

Harshvardan Garg, Jonathan Rice, Sam Bridgewater, Georgia Meek,

Tracey Robinson, Casey Muraahi, Stephen Boot, Colin Dewe, Lee-Anne Wann,

Nick MacAvoy, Ruby Morgan, Kirsten Taylor, Jan Haworth, Jeff Coyle,

Graeme Rhind, Stephen Thorpe, Corey Marsland, Jacqui Dunphy, Claire Piper,

Mike Keech, Geoff Seton, Helen Steemson, Kathi Lowe, Curtis Bailey,

Graeme Frost, Vance Haywood, Travis O’Keefe, Will Mahon-Heap, Sally Elton,

Anthony Kendall, Di Schauer, Venkat Raman, Amanda Griffiths, Bruce Copeland,

Carmen Bailey, Sheldon Brown, Lynne Le Gros, Saurav Roy Chowdhury,

Ben Challis, Pawel Adamczuk, Anna Southern, Melissa Mills, Caroline Steele,

Kate Hurst, Adam Dela Cruz, Jill Porter, Amar Raman, Sam Stuchbury,

Georgina Austin-Ellis,  Gareth PindredEmily SimpsonDom Pringle,

Carl Cumings, Scott Perkins, Brigitte Anslow, Minnie Baragwanath,

Shane O’Connell, Hannah Hickling, Bonn Ryan Lao, Lisa Manukyan, Neil O’Styke, 

Robert Stewart, Carl Millar, Rod SnodgrassJith Sarvajith, Emma Tilsley

Sat Markosyan, Husik Grigoryan, Chris Jingru Wang, Ivan Zhao, Max Tuzzolino,

Simon Hua Zhang, Eden Yudeng Wu,  Hugh Xiao He.


Take a bow one and all. We couldn’t have done this without you. 🙂

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