The Joy Of Giving At Any Time Of Year

The season of giving is upon us. But what does that really mean?

Christmas has evolved somewhat in recent times. A slight sense of materialism has crept in. Sometimes giving at this festive time can seem like an obligation rather than what it should be – a gift of service and selflessness.

With new “traditions” like Black Friday seeping into our collective culture, the weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with manic mall visits. People frantically race in and out of shops, credit card in hand, desperately hunting out the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

With consumerism at an all-time high, it is no wonder we feel stressed and disillusioned – at Christmastime more than any other time. But why? How did we lose sight of what really matters?

There is a solution to all of this craziness though. Let’s go back and take a look at the true joy of giving.

The Joy Of Giving

Whether it is time, service, money or something else, giving is the important part. And giving to those in need or those going through a difficult time is a much-needed kindness that will lift the spirits of both the giver and the receiver.

We have all heard of the survival instinct – an important part of existence for any living creature. It is an instinct that is well-honed in humans. But did you know that the altruistic instinct is equally essential to our survival?

That concern for the happiness of others and improving their quality of life.
Back in the days of ancient humankind, the only way we could survive was to hunt and escape predators as a team. Collaboration and helping one another was necessary to live.

Scientists believe this is part of the reason our brains and bodies are hardwired to gain pleasure when we do something to help others. The joy of giving is actually a concept that is proven by science! Researchers have found that giving and helping others triggers the release of dopamine. This is the hormone that regulates pleasure. That warm glow you feel when you do something good – or even watch others do good – is a physical reaction, not just emotional. 

Showing compassion and helping others gives us a sense of greater purpose. It has even been shown to relieve symptoms of depression.  Giving instils a sense of connection in a culture which increasingly encourages separation and the survival instinct.

Giving At Christmas

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everybody, but it is even harder on those who are struggling with illness, loss or other personal issues. Often, these people are too shy to ask for help, not wanting to be a burden to others.

Take some time during the busy Christmas period to count your blessings and spare a thought for those that are not so fortunate. Instead of buying into the consumerism, think outside the box for how you can really make a difference for others.

It doesn’t have to be about grand gestures. You can give your time, your skills, or your resources. A small act of kindness like picking up groceries, dropping off a meal or mowing the lawn for someone who is unable to do it themselves can make all the difference. Anyone can find a way to give, and giving can take any form.

Helping From A Distance

Sometimes it is not always possible to directly gift your time or assistance to the ones who need it the most. That is where comes in.

We can help you to give from a distance – to those you know or to those you don’t. You just specify who you want your donation to go to and what you would like it to go towards. Then, let us handle the rest. Even the simplest tasks of travel, groceries and babysitting can be challenging so your donation would make the world of difference to someone dealing with illness or trauma.

Our Advice For Christmas Giving

Remember the true essence of the season and why it is called the time of giving. That doesn’t have to mean big expensive gifts. But it should be a meaningful gift.

Enjoy the festive season, give freely and generously – not only to your loved ones but also to those who need help. It will benefit them and give you that priceless warm glow that will see you feeling fulfilled and connected well into the new year.

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